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Etsy Launch

As stated in a previous post, I have recently launched my Etsy shop to sell my paintings. It has been quiet an experience. I recently just sold my first 2 paintings on there. Although I have sold paintings before, these were the first ones on my shop so it was even more special. To celebrate … Continue reading Etsy Launch

Starting off 2021 Right

Hello to all my followers. I want to start off by personally thanking each and everyone of you who read, like, and just show love on here. It really means a lot to me. 2020 proved to be very difficult for me. After numerous hospital trips, uncontrolled anxiety, family members having COVID, plus the loss … Continue reading Starting off 2021 Right

Self Love

Standing here now, I only have one thought in mind, “I am not who I once used to be.” The reflection staring back in the mirror is strikingly different these many years later. My rich chocolate skin is now a tad darker, Processed hair now transitioned to locs, Slim shape graduated to thick and curvy, … Continue reading Self Love

As We Dance

Sing with me, “If your love was all I had in this life, well that would be enough until the end of time…” Close your eyes as the lyrics fill you Now wrap me in your arms and sway with me Just like that To the beat we move side to side like a pendulum … Continue reading As We Dance

Until The End Of Time

Sitting in this bathtub Immersed in bubbles Surrounded by the scent of jasmine Thoughts of you flitter across my mind Reminding me of the last time I was in your presence Standing close, but still separated by frost covered glass Wishing things were like they used to be Nestled in each other arms In our … Continue reading Until The End Of Time

F*ck Covid

As I sit in my bed and anxiety flows through my body I think back on how life was all so simple just months ago Before the days of never ending positive cases and no longer able to see everyone faces Things we took for granted when we had our noses buried in our phones … Continue reading F*ck Covid

With Eyes Wide Open

It all started with a simple conversation. A conversation filled with many hesitant questions that I told myself were irrelevant. Internally battling that voice that replaced my curiosity with fear. Fear of finding everything I had been told was all an illusion. An illusion created to keep many in a deep slumber while the wicked … Continue reading With Eyes Wide Open

In Their Eyes

I wonder what I would see if I got a view from their eyes After all the world is not all sunshine and roses It’s tough So tough that many days I find myself questioning am I good enough A good enough mother, a good enough wife, and most of all a good enough human … Continue reading In Their Eyes

My Song For You

As the sorrow filled voice of Donny Hathaway Settles in our ears I take in this moment The lyrics a reflection of our feelings for one another Loving in a place where there’s no space or time One could only dream of a love like that, but in you I have found it With you … Continue reading My Song For You

The One

The other day someone asked me how I knew you were the one The question instantly stomped me And I become flooded with memories of when we first begun The moment I looked in those deep brown eyes and told you my name The second I laughed when you told me I was your wife … Continue reading The One

Stained Tears

Tears cascaded down my face As I found myself further in this sunken place Lost in the thoughts Of a love long left behind I hear your voice riddled with sadness But still I could no longer stay in this madness The heart wants what the heart wants Unfortunately what my heart wants is not … Continue reading Stained Tears

One Last Time

As you place your lips on mine Broken promises whisper in my head Reciting the words I long to speak out loud One last time Those three words will shift the dynamic of our endless love affair Those three words rejuvenate the strength that was depleted so long ago Given freely to you during a … Continue reading One Last Time


In my darkest times I called out to you Desperate for love and understanding Seeking relief from this sinkhole I just couldn’t climb out of Begging to be set free from the Bermuda Triangle I found myself imprisoned in And as the light faded Encasing me in pure darkness You answered, each and every one … Continue reading Family

Rebirth Of A Phoenix

As the weight of the world consumes me And I lay quietly sinking into oblivion A faint voice whispers in my ear, “Who are you? I have never met you before. I’m sure I would remember you. A child so lost and broken. Where did you come from ?” The voice continues as I sink … Continue reading Rebirth Of A Phoenix

Cheers To Chapter 32!

It is now midnight and before I close my eyes, I must give thanks to the universe for such a blessing. Many do not live to see the age I have made it to. I know that personally as a parent who has buried a child. To live to see another day, another year around … Continue reading Cheers To Chapter 32!

Send Help

I still remember the day you walked out the door After all this time it still haunts me Bags packed in your right hand while turning your back to me Telling me I have no choice but to set you free Tears on the brim of my eyes refusing to fall We might’ve both messed … Continue reading Send Help

Passionate Exchange

You’ll forever have a piece of me A passionate exchange during the heat of the moment When two bodies became one Through of whirlwind of pleasure Brought forth from a night of flirtation Sparked by my infatuation of you Since the first time I laid eyes on the Smooth dark skin brother in the blue … Continue reading Passionate Exchange

I’ve Changed

She said I changed Once I became “woke” our friendship hasn’t been the same She’s right I have changed The person I was ten years ago is no longer me That is not the person I am meant to be Like the caterpillar I had to evolve Needing to break out of my cocoon and … Continue reading I’ve Changed

Morning Slumber

As the seconds turn to minutes and then hours I’m lost without you So use to the comfort of your body next to mine and Feeling the stark contrast of your hot to my cold touch I lay here awaiting the moment when I finally hear the car door slam, the alert of you walking … Continue reading Morning Slumber

The Beautiful Song Bird

Plenty of times I heard her voice, But this time there was something different As she sat in the movie theater seats Singing to the screen about a love strumming her pain I felt many feelings that can’t be described That voice of hers Starting low and unique like only she could Capturing the hearts … Continue reading The Beautiful Song Bird

His Words

For the first time in a long time His words melted my heart He picked up a pen Filled the paper with ink And created an opera of emotions Emotions I felt once my eyes made contact With his words That came out so eloquently they stopped my actions Everything faded in the background As … Continue reading His Words

Twin Flame

Reaching the highest frequency One become two At different points Separate , but equal Attraction Drawing together magnetically Mirroring ones reflection You ignite me Caught up in a blaze of recognition We connect Mind, body, and soul Blended in a sensual haze Intertwining with one another Becoming familiarized Touching, tasting, pleasing, releasing Pent up energy … Continue reading Twin Flame

8 years 28 days 88 minutes

8 years 28 days and 88 minutes That’s how long it’s been since we’ve connected You walked out the door and never came back I tried to make excuses Some reasonable explanation of why you walked away from everything At night I spent hours crying Wondering what I did to chase you away Praying that … Continue reading 8 years 28 days 88 minutes

Stay With Me

Stay with me In this moment On my grandmothers porch In the swing my grandfather built Under the moonlight and dancing stars Stay with me And we will talk for hours and hours Build our future together And in the silence of the night let the beat of our hearts Rock us to sleep As … Continue reading Stay With Me

Sentimental Mood

As a day of April showers brings me to the bay window The familiar strains of In A Sentimental Mood flows out of the speakers The Duke and Mr. Coltrane have entered the building Putting me in a state of mind I haven’t visited in a while as the drops tap dance against the window … Continue reading Sentimental Mood

If You Could See Me Now

If you could see me now I wonder if you would still love me The woman way different from the girl you used to love Shedding my cocoon and emerging as a butterfly Gracefully fluttering my wings through life’s unforeseen obstacles Fearless and outspoken If you could see me now I wonder if you would … Continue reading If You Could See Me Now

Juke Joint Love

I fell in love in a juke joint Surrounded by moonshine and bourbon Soulful sounds flowing from Buddy Guy on stage screaming oh baby please don’t leave me Brown skins gyrating closely All speaking different languages to their lover With one mutual understanding Suddenly there you were in the center of it all Skin the … Continue reading Juke Joint Love

Soul Ties

My essence coats your lips While sweat drips from our bodies Surrounded by ribbons of love We become one As unbreakable bonds penetrate our spirits Channeling your energy in synchronized harmony You lift me higher Higher to a place I’ve never been before Floating on a cloud of euphoria Basking in the beauty of it … Continue reading Soul Ties

Kundalini Connection

I am in love with your aura It consumes me Fills me with the very being of you White, Crystal clear The perfect balance Of healing nature that calms me Taking us both on a spiritual wave of ecstasy We meditate At the center of earths core We transcend In each other’s embrace Surrounded by … Continue reading Kundalini Connection

When He Speaks

Words, That flow from his mouth effortlessly Have a profound effect on me Making me stop in my tracks and take notice He has much to say So much information that my mental is sent on a sensory overload Overwhelmed by the knowledge he delivers Awakening a part of me that has lay dormant For … Continue reading When He Speaks

No Longer Living To Die

Are we living to die? Constant tears watering graves as countless mothers cry. Brothers, sisters, husbands, uncles, nieces, and somebody’s cousin gone away. While it’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday is left in the background to play. What is it about us that you fear? Is it the melanin engraved deep beneath our … Continue reading No Longer Living To Die

Caught Up In

I am caught up in your beauty Not the outside beauty, That’s the beauty everyone sees The superficial way of viewing beings like you. I could easily get caught up in those Your nutmeg skin that glows when the sun hits it just right Your dark brown eyes that have the ability to hold me … Continue reading Caught Up In

Energy Never Dies

We’re the it couple The ride or die couple I’m Bonnie and you’re Clyde Lies I don’t wanna be your Bonnie You can’t be my Clyde In the end Bonnie and Clyde died And baby we’re not meant to die We will travel through this world many times See nations fall and people rise They … Continue reading Energy Never Dies

Love Found

My grandmother once told me that to find ones self was to find true love Coincidentally, I found true love and with that I found you On the hottest day of summer On a quest for redemption Trekking through the Kelso Dunes of the Mojave Dessert So lost in my thoughts that I didn’t hear … Continue reading Love Found

Light As A Feather

Floating On a gentle breeze Soaring Through the air towards a new destination A new path A path much smoother Than the one before that was filled with broken glass and harsh realities Not for the faint of heart Trials and tribulations added Weight to daily stresses Battered and bruised, you emerged a new New … Continue reading Light As A Feather

Tattooed Memories

Embedded on my body like the ink From a Cheyenne hawk pen I watch the memories flash as It touches my skin Watching the very moment you walked in I was entranced by you You were fixated on me Everyone disappeared Only you and I mattered Journeying through time with Maxwells Ascension playing on repeat … Continue reading Tattooed Memories

Late Night Slumber

Thunder, Awakens me from my peaceful slumber Suddenly overwhelmed with thoughts of you My heart races Needing to lay eyes on you To touch you Rain tapping the window draws me to it There I find you Standing as if you’re waiting for me I take in the sight of you Golden brown skin that … Continue reading Late Night Slumber

Love Your Hair

You hated your hair. You wished it looked more like the girl on tv. Long and straight. But you’re not like the girl on tv. You are one of my greatest creations. Coffee with a dab of cream colored skin, Brown eyes that sparkle in the sun, The brightest smile that winks with dimples In … Continue reading Love Your Hair

Smoke and Mirrors

Your buildings were on fire Businesses now closed The streets have flooded We will not back down Long gone are the days of rose colored glasses Silence is no longer an acceptance for the masses White flags known as bills passed equate to progress While murderers still roam to protect and serve Where is the … Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors

Tantra Flow

Stimulate me In the crevices of my cranium Tantalize me In the depth of my universe My third eye tingles While our energies mingle Inhale, exhale I can feel you Through tantra My lotus flower releases The essence of my soul Becomes intertwined with yours And together we arrive As one

My Winter Song

On the back of the deck Thoughts of you flow through my brain The temperature has dropped and Darkness surrounds us earlier The fireplace crackles with warmth inside And mugs are filled with hot chocolate But the outside gets all of my time Out here is where we created our fondest memories Our first snowball … Continue reading My Winter Song

Saints and Sinners

They say you’re a sinner and I’m a saint So that makes us a perfect pair From what I heard A saint is just a sinner who fell down And got up Well I got up in front of you, Reaching out my hand I help you stand Next to me and we sin again … Continue reading Saints and Sinners

Daydreams of Love

I loved you More than I loved myself So wrapped up in you I couldn’t think of anything else My every waking moment was filled With thoughts of you Wondering if you were thinking of me and If I’d ever see you again So many days spent in this endless maze Of thoughts Unsure if … Continue reading Daydreams of Love

Letter To My King

Dear King, Tonight as you come in and rest, I need you to know.. I see your pain. You try to hide it and you’ve done a good job so far. I get it… Society says you have to be this big brave Man that never shows any pain because pain is weakness, But the … Continue reading Letter To My King

Mornings With You

I remember early mornings Eating home cooked breakfast Smoked jowl, rice, and biscuits Sitting at the table watching you fix my plate Getting lost in the taste But stopping at the sight of you Across from me Dark Afro hair Smooth brown skin Round face That hang under your chin My attention always went to … Continue reading Mornings With You

I Thought

I thought we had a connection A connection that no one understood A connection only you and I could comprehend Because we were the intended On an alternate plane Tattooed with a mixture Of guns and roses We created a love Swirling in a pool of melanated bliss You completed me I completed you Together … Continue reading I Thought

Sunrise Kisses

Meet me at the top of Stone Mountain Just as the warm colors of Burnt orange and rose red peek out Over the horizon I’ll sit there quietly awaiting your arrival That way I can study you Your Hershey dipped skin that’s highlighted In the awakening of the day Your tall muscular build that radiates … Continue reading Sunrise Kisses

My Black Rose

My black rose That’s what you are to me So unique Such a beauty to watch unfold When you graced me with your presence I knew my world would never be the same My life is now dedicated to you Ensuring you have everything you need Watering you and nurturing you Watching you grow daily … Continue reading My Black Rose

The Golden Hour

The golden hour My favorite time of the day I revel in her beauty As she looks at me The sun hits her eyes and Highlights the light brown orbs Against her chestnut skin And she smiles Brighter than the glow on her face She is mine and I give thanks At the golden hour

Death Doesn’t Discriminate

Death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints. As Leslie Odom Jr. sings the words on stage during Hamilton, I am filled with questions. If death does not discriminate, Why do we hate it so much? In death eyes there’s equality in all lives, But in the churches filled with our cries, We can’t … Continue reading Death Doesn’t Discriminate

Oya’s Dance

She called to him during the storm As the tornados twirled and the winds howled She danced for him Draped in his color of red Hints of skin showing She enticed him with her movements The jewels on her anklet played a tune as they shook Calling for him to join her In the rain, … Continue reading Oya’s Dance

Not My Independence Day

As the colorful display lights the sky And God Bless America plays Take a moment to remember Remember that on this day A day that many people celebrate It is also a day that not everyone can relate Relate to the feeling of pride and freedom Love for a battle won That battle won was … Continue reading Not My Independence Day

The Lady At The Savoy

I remember the first time I heard her sing She walked on stage with the confidence of a Queen Her skin was the color of coffee mixed with the right amount of cream Finger waves graced her hair giving us a different version of Josephine Baker The red dress she wore fitted her perfectly and … Continue reading The Lady At The Savoy

Admiring You

As the sun begins to rise I take this time to examine you in the Quietness of the morning Dark hair cut to precision with a bevy of waves Smooth dark brown skin that reminds me of The homemade chocolate candy I made with my grandmother Dark thick eyebrows with cocaine slits showing your down … Continue reading Admiring You

Loving A Blues Man

Black like licorice Which I hate Except when it’s in the form of you Black like the berry Which I think are so tart Except when I get a taste of you Black like the bruise on my heart The same bruise you created when you left Something you said you would never do You … Continue reading Loving A Blues Man

Letter To America

America… Hello, I am fed up. Fed up with being expected to lead your battles While staying silent for mine. Mine that consist of the countless black men and women fallen victim to senseless Killings by police officers. *Pause* This is the part where someone says, “Melanin, black on black crime is a thing.” Honey, … Continue reading Letter To America

Look For Me

Look for me in the East As the cool breeze fans your face On a peaceful fall night Listen to the leaves crackle around you As they dance about the yard Watch the flames burn bright in the fire pit As the warmth fills your body Wish on a shooting star As it flies across … Continue reading Look For Me


I rub my eyes in the middle of my slumber I suddenly feel parched Parched and hot So hot it’s like I am on fire But how could that be I know I set the temperature to the normal 69 degrees before bed Opening my eyes, what awaits me stops my already still heart Soul … Continue reading HellGirl

Love and Light

As I walk through the darkness I’m assaulted with a vision of light Filled with hope as I come to the edge Eyes closed Arms wide open Free falling with images of you in my head Warmth fill my soul Should death come I am happy Happy to be in your embrace As you catch … Continue reading Love and Light


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Etsy Launch

As stated in a previous post, I have recently launched my Etsy shop to sell my paintings. It has been quiet an experience. I recently just sold my first 2 paintings on there. Although I have sold paintings before, these were the first ones on my shop so it was even more special. To celebrate … Continue reading Etsy Launch

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