It’s Okay To Take Time Off For Yourself

I’ve always thought that I did well with self care. This past week helped me realize that I didn’t. Over the process of dealing with everyday life, I stopped meditating, stopped listening to my relaxing music, stopped my yoga journey, and just completely forgot about myself. So, as I stated in a previous post, all of this over time has led to high blood pressure, anxiety, lack of energy, and although I post a lot; a struggle with writing. Not to mention everything going on in the world with my brothers and sisters is heartbreaking .

I battle with myself about what things I should blog about. I know that if I tackle certain topics right now my anger may overshadow my writing. I don’t want to disrupt the message. In some ways I feel as if I’m giving in to certain people by not releasing my anger. Sometimes that’s needed to be seen, but in order to do that I also need balance. This is where self care comes in. It helps me to clear my mind.

With that being said, I’m taking a self care week. A week to get back to me. I’m hoping by the end of the week I’ll be able to get back in the saddle and be ready to unleash a number of topics on the world in an unfiltered way that I like. I also want to release more creative writing through the form of poems, short stories, and whatever else pops up in this crazy mind of mine.

My Plans

In my quest for relaxation I have a number of things planned:

1. SLEEP (I have crazy insomnia)

2. Meditate

3. Work in my garden. Y’all my garden is still struggling. So much for having a garden like my grandmother’s lol.

4. Spend time with my children.

5. Have a date night with my husband. Pray for me. There is a certain princess that feels she must be included when it comes to her father <inserts eye roll>.

6. Catch up on some reading.

As with everything, plans are subject to change. If that happens then so be it, but I’m going in with a plan. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Take Time Off For Yourself

    1. I think once a month is great. Definitely needed and something I plan on doing to prevent getting back the way I am now. That and also better organizing. I get so caught up in everything that most days I’m all over the place not giving anyone else time to do anything.


      1. I’m the same way, I definitely could be a lot more organized. My days tend to mesh especially when my energy isn’t where I want it to be. On top of having a son as well and kids need that structure

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      2. My son asked me today why I always switch the days after I promise one day. I was crushed. As much as I try to balance everything I felt like I dropped the ball there. I’m home all the time, but I’m with busy with school, my blog, helping my husband with his business, and even though they are right next to me they still want that spotlight moment as I like to call it. It made me think about my oldest being 11 and pretty soon I’ll be wanting his time more when he’s off living his life.


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