The Beautiful Song Bird

Inspiration: Lauryn Hill

Plenty of times I heard her voice,

But this time there was something different

As she sat in the movie theater seats

Singing to the screen about a love strumming her pain

I felt many feelings that can’t be described

That voice of hers

Starting low and unique like only she could

Capturing the hearts of many as she built up

our anticipation of the journey those short minutes would take us on

By the final note we knew there was no one else like her

A talented song bird with a pure aura meant to spread a message to many

All too soon she was gone

Away from the spotlight she found solace

Able to be herself without the world watching her every move

Allowed to evolve in her own way without criticism

Now when she graces the stage she does so at her own will and in her own way

A way that I have yet to see in person

A presence I’d love to just have one moment in time to be blessed with

Until then I push the button and let the familiar notes of the song play

Before hearing that voice of hers slowly sing,

Strumming my pain with his fingers….

Juke Joint Love

I fell in love in a juke joint

Surrounded by moonshine and bourbon

Soulful sounds flowing from Buddy Guy on stage screaming oh baby please don’t leave me

Brown skins gyrating closely

All speaking different languages to their lover

With one mutual understanding

Suddenly there you were in the center of it all

Skin the color of molasses and honey dipped eyes penetrating every inch of me

Caught up in the moment I moved my hips

Activating a sirens call only meant for your ears

You answered and we danced as if we were the only ones being serenaded

Slow and steady movements while staring in one another’s eyes

No words were needed

Our bodies did the talking

Song after song telling many stories

Last call for alcohol and we still weren’t in a hurry

As the last note played you placed your lips on mine

Sealing an unspoken covenant to

The beginning lyrics of a blues song detailing a love

Found in a juke joint

Soul Ties

Artist Unknown

My essence coats your lips

While sweat drips from our bodies

Surrounded by ribbons of love

We become one

As unbreakable bonds penetrate our spirits

Channeling your energy in synchronized harmony

You lift me higher

Higher to a place I’ve never been before

Floating on a cloud of euphoria

Basking in the beauty of it all

Vibrating with the desire to reach a new arrival

An arrival brought forth by you

My body in return

Bringing forth the same arrival you seek

Until we both peak in an exchange of spiritual currency

Ribbons of love become lifelong connections

Soul ties

Kundalini Connection

Artist Unknown

I am in love with your aura

It consumes me

Fills me with the very being of you

White, Crystal clear

The perfect balance

Of healing nature that calms me

Taking us both on a spiritual wave of ecstasy

We meditate

At the center of earths core

We transcend

In each other’s embrace

Surrounded by blinding white light

Radiating with the pulse of limitless energy

Moving through our bodies

Rising higher and higher

Like a kundalini awakening

Our ascension is complete

When He Speaks

Artwork Obtained From Pinterest: Justin Copeland


That flow from his mouth effortlessly

Have a profound effect on me

Making me stop in my tracks and take notice

He has much to say

So much information that my mental is sent on a sensory overload

Overwhelmed by the knowledge he delivers

Awakening a part of me that has lay dormant

For quite some time

He stops and looks directly at me

Everyone in the room disappears

Just us two

Communicating with our eyes because the eyes don’t lie

They show you in your truest form

Me, open and vulnerable

Him, strong and secure

Immediately finding his Betty to his Malcolm

He’s ready to have me and protect me by any means necessary

Shook, I turn and leave

Needing to put space between whatever is happening

But not far out the door a strong hand stops me

Turning me

Capturing me in his eyes again

And when he speaks to me

The words flow effortlessly from his mouth

Have a profound effect on me

Stops me in my tracks and makes me take notice

Late Night Slumber

Photo Inspiration: Artist Unknown


Awakens me from my peaceful slumber

Suddenly overwhelmed with thoughts of you

My heart races

Needing to lay eyes on you

To touch you

Rain tapping the window draws me to it

There I find you

Standing as if you’re waiting for me

I take in the sight of you

Golden brown skin that stands out in the darkness, hazel eyes, locs piled up in a bun,

And a smirk that reveals a hint of the gold slugs in your mouth.

The light mist of rain on your face gives the appearance of a recent run, but your clothing

says differently.

Gray sweatpants, white tee, and Jordans let me know you came straight from home.

Straight to me

And I waste no time bringing you in

From the rain

Into my arms to peacefully slumber again

Love Your Hair

Kai, the gorgeous girl who now loves her hair.

You hated your hair.

You wished it looked more like the girl on tv.

Long and straight.

But you’re not like the girl on tv.

You are one of my greatest creations.

Coffee with a dab of cream colored skin,

Brown eyes that sparkle in the sun,

The brightest smile that winks with dimples

In each cheek.

And your hair;

The hair that you didn’t like,

Is now your favorite after a year with locs.

Locs that resemble the strong roots that you come from.

Roots that want you to see the beauty that is inside and out.

Roots that will do whatever to protect you and shower you with love.

Roots that have now taught you to,

Love your hair.

Thoughts while writing: As a parent, we want our children to love everything about themselves. Especially when living in a world that does everything to get them to hate themselves. Although Kai is young, I noticed she was very self conscious about her hair. Mainly because a lot of videos she saw would have girls that looked the complete opposite of her with long straight hair and she thought that’s what she needed. For Kai that’s not possible since she’s this chocolate ball of energy with the curliest hair that shrinks. So she would always ask if her hair was short and things like that. Fast forward to her brothers getting locs and she fell in love. She asked for a year to get locs. I made her wait so long because she’s young and I wanted to be sure that she really wanted them. Finally I started them for her and a year later she is the only one still going strong with her journey.

Death Doesn’t Discriminate

Photo Inspiration: Leslie Odom Jr in Hamilton

Death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints.

As Leslie Odom Jr. sings the words on stage

during Hamilton,

I am filled with questions.

If death does not discriminate,

Why do we hate it so much?

In death eyes there’s equality in all lives,

But in the churches filled with our cries,

We can’t help but to ask,


Why didn’t death wait for this one?

This life that was so pure and innocent.

Still with years to grow, lessons to learn, and a few heartbreaks.

Why didn’t death wait?

Even if it was just one more day.

A day that could be spent showering with

Love and affection.

Promises and held back tears.

Until the time to say goodbye and once again be filled with questions of why.

Awaiting a satisfactory response, but

the response will always be the same.

Death doesn’t discriminate.

The Lady At The Savoy

Photo Inspiration: Josephine Baker

I remember the first time I heard her sing

She walked on stage with the confidence of a Queen

Her skin was the color of coffee mixed with the right amount of cream

Finger waves graced her hair giving us a different version of Josephine Baker

The red dress she wore fitted her perfectly and stopped just at the ankles with matching heels

As her hand wrapped around the microphone, everyone silenced to hear her speak

The lights dimmed and the spotlight was on her

Witn a smooth sultry voice she welcomed us to the Savoy

The teasing of her eyes let us know we were in for a treat

The sway of her hips showed she was no stranger to a beat

And the singing reaching our ears had us all on our feet

We danced song after song

Until all too soon she thanked us for coming out

I left that night memorized by the beauty in the red dress and sultry voice

Years later it still brings me to my feet 

Every Sunday after dinner in the middle of the living room floor

I put on a tune

Hold her close in my arms

And she sings to me

Just like she did when she was

The lady at the Savoy