Until The End Of Time

Artist Unknown

Sitting in this bathtub

Immersed in bubbles

Surrounded by the scent of jasmine

Thoughts of you flitter across my mind

Reminding me of the last time I was in your presence

Standing close, but still separated by frost covered glass

Wishing things were like they used to be

Nestled in each other arms

In our cozy little apartment

But those days are long ago

Thanks to you choosing to answer the call of fast money and dangerous living

While I walk the path of a creative determined to make it

Two worlds that may never collide

But if you asked me to I would’ve tried

To make it happen so this loneliness wouldn’t have settled in my heart

Causing long days and even longer nights

Wondering if we would ever be together again

If you would ever choose me over your new life

Thoughts that can only be answered by you

If only my nerves would settle enough for me to pick up the phone

Then you’d hear my desperate pleas for you to come home

Suddenly fear gives way to courage as I dial your number

Hope fills my chest before panic at the sound of your voice

Shallow breathing and coughing is what I hear in between you forcing out my name

Apologies mixed with confessions of love grace my ears as tears roll down my face

I whisper them back in hopes of this all being a misunderstanding, but if not you’d still know that as you take your last breath

I’ll love you until the end of time

Stained Tears

Artist Unknown

Tears cascaded down my face

As I found myself further in this sunken place

Lost in the thoughts

Of a love long left behind

I hear your voice riddled with sadness

But still I could no longer stay in this madness

The heart wants what the heart wants

Unfortunately what my heart wants is not what my soul needs


Healing from the toxicity of the burning flame

inside the both of us

The flame that made the pain we created easily soothed from the passion that followed

The passion that slowly faded with the rising of the morning sun and we’ve left to ask each other

What have we become?

When did we become this couple that no longer basks in the love but look forward to the making up to numb the pain from the endless injection of love and hate?

Where do we go from here?

You afraid to answer the questions which leaves me forced to make the decision for both of us.

Silently packing my bags and creeping off into the darkness at the midnight hour.

Hoping one day you’ll forgive my cowardly exit, but thank me for release both of us from the torturous merry go round.

The merry go round that replays visions in my head of what could have been if only I had stayed,

But instead I have only wishful thinking and stained tears.

Send Help

Artist Unknown

I still remember the day you walked out the door

After all this time it still haunts me

Bags packed in your right hand while turning your back to me

Telling me I have no choice but to set you free

Tears on the brim of my eyes refusing to fall

We might’ve both messed up, but I gave you my all

How is it you’re the one that gets to walk away

Leaving me to be surrounded by all the memories overshadowed by the present

Positive thoughts clouded with negative

Consuming every inch of my body

Weighing it down like a sedative

Until I no longer want to live

Convincing myself I have nothing left to give

So the scenarios of what if plays in my mind like the perfect illusion

Sending me in a constant state of confusion

Not understanding that sunshine awaits the breaking of a new day

Only seeing the pill bottle on the table that can end it all

A victim of my thoughts I become

Feeling pill after pill slide down my throat until the bottle is empty

Satisfaction takes over with a smile knowing soon nothing will be felt

Then the phone rings and I hear your frantic voice

Before darkness takes over I whisper

Send help….

Revenge Of A Broken Heart

Obtained from Pinterest. Artist Unknown

You made me feel as though I was the only woman in the world for you

As long as you had me, that was enough

See the world through a haze of smoke and mirrors

Content with life because all I needed was to be near you

But all too soon the smoke cleared and the tears fell down my eyes

As I watched my poetic justice turn to American Horror Story

Sinking me deeper into my grave with other heartbroken friends turned foes

Embracing the death of this life to be reborn with the strength of Madame Laveau

My ancestors have welcomed me and helped me heal

Now you must pay for the lies and bad hands you constantly deal

Feel the pain of the hearts you ripped out and smothered

After I enact my revenge you will never hurt another

8 years 28 days 88 minutes

Artist Unknown

8 years 28 days and 88 minutes

That’s how long it’s been since we’ve connected

You walked out the door and never came back

I tried to make excuses

Some reasonable explanation of why you walked away from everything

At night I spent hours crying

Wondering what I did to chase you away

Praying that you’d walk back in the next day

The next day turned into the next

And now here we are

Lost in translation

A figment of each other’s imagination

Only my imagination is filled with scenarios of how I got here

Wishing I could fill this void that you left

8 years 28 days and 88 minutes ago

I Thought

Artist Unknown

I thought we had a connection

A connection that no one understood

A connection only you and I could comprehend

Because we were the intended

On an alternate plane

Tattooed with a mixture

Of guns and roses

We created a love

Swirling in a pool of melanated bliss

You completed me

I completed you

Together we were one

Heartstrings laced together

Soul ties that became soul lies

Lies that flowed from your lips

Like the loose lips that sink ships

Ships that contain our love from that alternate plane

Now down at the bottom of the abyss

Never to be found and easy to miss

If only someone would tell my heart

The truth

My heart that finds it hard to get over you

Days and night filled with thoughts of what had been

Until I’m overcome with passionate rage

Turning my world like that ship that dwells in the dark murky waters of the ocean

Never to see the light of day again

I thought we had something real

I thought we had something only you and

I could comprehend

I thought we had a connection

I thought

When The Mask Comes Off

Photo Obtained from Pinterest. Artist is : Laurie Cooper

The façade has ended

The person you created is gone

The one I’m truly intended

To be has arrived

I gave you all of me

And you still couldn’t see

The damage done over time

Digging deep inside

I cried out for help

I begged you to stop

Let me be

And set me free

But like a bird you caged me

Determined not to let me sing

The trauma you inflicted

Has been evicted

I have found my voice

Now you must listen

As I unburden my truth

When the mask comes off

I Thought I Told You

I saw this photo in a writing group and it encouraged people to tell a story about the picture so here it goes…

I told you I didn’t love you,

At least I thought I did.

They say actions speak louder than words

And my actions SCREAMED at you.

We talked less, we touched less, and

Making love has become nonexistent.

I thought you understood what that meant.

You asked me why I didn’t say I was unhappy,

But how can you hear it when most of my time is spent next to him.

He gets the touches, he gets the talks, and when we make love it the most beautiful experience in the world.

Now I know all of this sounds like an excuse

Especially when I’ve been so vocal about my feelings

Truth is I’m a coward

Too scared of how deeply and quickly I fell in love with you

So now I’ve convinced myself that I really don’t love you

I’ve convinced myself that those actions screaming at you were my true feeling when in reality I’m just running

Please don’t blame yourself for any of this, you honestly did nothing wrong.

My way of loving was damaged long ago.

As I leave you for him take comfort in one thing

Just like I hurt you is how I’ll hurt him.

You Were My Downfall

As I lie here in the middle of the street,

My thoughts drift to you

I wonder what you’re doing, if you’re happy, and if 

you found someone to replace me

Replace me…..

That’s what you’ll be doing

Replacing me for someone to make new memories with

You’ll go on to live happily ever after,

But I won’t

For me, there is no one else

There is no more life

Soon a car will come up the street going too fast

The driver will be just leaving the bar and shouldn’t be behind the wheel

They won’t see me changing my mind and trying to get up

By then it will have been too late

And as I lie there in my final moments, my thoughts drift to you again

I pray that when you see this on the news you will finally think of me

I pray that you’ll be filled with visions of my face, my smile, and my smell

I pray that you have someone to comfort you through it all

And most importantly, I pray that you will know

You were my downfall