The Beautiful Song Bird

Inspiration: Lauryn Hill

Plenty of times I heard her voice,

But this time there was something different

As she sat in the movie theater seats

Singing to the screen about a love strumming her pain

I felt many feelings that can’t be described

That voice of hers

Starting low and unique like only she could

Capturing the hearts of many as she built up

our anticipation of the journey those short minutes would take us on

By the final note we knew there was no one else like her

A talented song bird with a pure aura meant to spread a message to many

All too soon she was gone

Away from the spotlight she found solace

Able to be herself without the world watching her every move

Allowed to evolve in her own way without criticism

Now when she graces the stage she does so at her own will and in her own way

A way that I have yet to see in person

A presence I’d love to just have one moment in time to be blessed with

Until then I push the button and let the familiar notes of the song play

Before hearing that voice of hers slowly sing,

Strumming my pain with his fingers….

His Words

Artist Unknown

For the first time in a long time

His words melted my heart

He picked up a pen

Filled the paper with ink

And created an opera of emotions

Emotions I felt once my eyes made contact

With his words

That came out so eloquently they stopped my actions

Everything faded in the background

As I am transported to the image

Received from his writing

From son to mother

Silent actions transmitted into love

For a son from a mother and for a mother from a son

Only my to be understood when one is now gone

Physically, but not spiritually

Now she smiles with pride as I read this letter of understanding

Composed by the spitting image of her

In loving memory of her

He writes his clarity and again my heart melts

As I read his words

Twin Flame

Artist Unknown

Reaching the highest frequency

One become two

At different points

Separate , but equal


Drawing together magnetically

Mirroring ones reflection

You ignite me

Caught up in a blaze of recognition

We connect

Mind, body, and soul

Blended in a sensual haze

Intertwining with one another

Becoming familiarized

Touching, tasting, pleasing, releasing

Pent up energy stored for this moment

When two become one

In a burning twin flame

8 years 28 days 88 minutes

Artist Unknown

8 years 28 days and 88 minutes

That’s how long it’s been since we’ve connected

You walked out the door and never came back

I tried to make excuses

Some reasonable explanation of why you walked away from everything

At night I spent hours crying

Wondering what I did to chase you away

Praying that you’d walk back in the next day

The next day turned into the next

And now here we are

Lost in translation

A figment of each other’s imagination

Only my imagination is filled with scenarios of how I got here

Wishing I could fill this void that you left

8 years 28 days and 88 minutes ago

Stay With Me

Artist Unknown

Stay with me

In this moment

On my grandmothers porch

In the swing my grandfather built

Under the moonlight and dancing stars

Stay with me

And we will talk for hours and hours

Build our future together

And in the silence of the night let the beat of our hearts

Rock us to sleep

As the moon travels across the sky

And the sun kisses the horizon

Shining a warm glow on my sleeping face

That you just so happen to catch

Sight of and make a vow to always

Stay with me

Sentimental Mood

Duke Ellington & John Coltrane

As a day of April showers brings me to the bay window

The familiar strains of In A Sentimental Mood flows out of the speakers

The Duke and Mr. Coltrane have entered the building

Putting me in a state of mind I haven’t visited in a while as the drops tap dance against the window

Closing my eyes I am transported to a time where love began to make sense

A time when you entered my life and everything swirled together like the paint on a canvas as it’s poured and twirled to make the most magnificent creation

A creation that could only be completed with the happy ending of us two

The feeling fills me as your strong arms enfold me into your embrace

Absorbing my emotions and releasing a positive charge of your own

Balancing us both as we sway to the tunes

Happily in a sentimental mood

If You Could See Me Now

Artist Unknown

If you could see me now

I wonder if you would still love me

The woman way different from the girl you used to love

Shedding my cocoon and emerging as a butterfly

Gracefully fluttering my wings through life’s unforeseen obstacles

Fearless and outspoken

If you could see me now

I wonder if you would recognize me

No longer the girl you left battered and broken

Pleading for just one more chance to get it right

When in reality you were the only thing wrong

If only you could see me now

Walking in my truth

Reveling in my beauty

Living life unapologetically

And no longer in love with you

Juke Joint Love

I fell in love in a juke joint

Surrounded by moonshine and bourbon

Soulful sounds flowing from Buddy Guy on stage screaming oh baby please don’t leave me

Brown skins gyrating closely

All speaking different languages to their lover

With one mutual understanding

Suddenly there you were in the center of it all

Skin the color of molasses and honey dipped eyes penetrating every inch of me

Caught up in the moment I moved my hips

Activating a sirens call only meant for your ears

You answered and we danced as if we were the only ones being serenaded

Slow and steady movements while staring in one another’s eyes

No words were needed

Our bodies did the talking

Song after song telling many stories

Last call for alcohol and we still weren’t in a hurry

As the last note played you placed your lips on mine

Sealing an unspoken covenant to

The beginning lyrics of a blues song detailing a love

Found in a juke joint

Soul Ties

Artist Unknown

My essence coats your lips

While sweat drips from our bodies

Surrounded by ribbons of love

We become one

As unbreakable bonds penetrate our spirits

Channeling your energy in synchronized harmony

You lift me higher

Higher to a place I’ve never been before

Floating on a cloud of euphoria

Basking in the beauty of it all

Vibrating with the desire to reach a new arrival

An arrival brought forth by you

My body in return

Bringing forth the same arrival you seek

Until we both peak in an exchange of spiritual currency

Ribbons of love become lifelong connections

Soul ties