His Words

Artist Unknown

For the first time in a long time

His words melted my heart

He picked up a pen

Filled the paper with ink

And created an opera of emotions

Emotions I felt once my eyes made contact

With his words

That came out so eloquently they stopped my actions

Everything faded in the background

As I am transported to the image

Received from his writing

From son to mother

Silent actions transmitted into love

For a son from a mother and for a mother from a son

Only my to be understood when one is now gone

Physically, but not spiritually

Now she smiles with pride as I read this letter of understanding

Composed by the spitting image of her

In loving memory of her

He writes his clarity and again my heart melts

As I read his words

Twin Flame

Artist Unknown

Reaching the highest frequency

One become two

At different points

Separate , but equal


Drawing together magnetically

Mirroring ones reflection

You ignite me

Caught up in a blaze of recognition

We connect

Mind, body, and soul

Blended in a sensual haze

Intertwining with one another

Becoming familiarized

Touching, tasting, pleasing, releasing

Pent up energy stored for this moment

When two become one

In a burning twin flame

Stay With Me

Artist Unknown

Stay with me

In this moment

On my grandmothers porch

In the swing my grandfather built

Under the moonlight and dancing stars

Stay with me

And we will talk for hours and hours

Build our future together

And in the silence of the night let the beat of our hearts

Rock us to sleep

As the moon travels across the sky

And the sun kisses the horizon

Shining a warm glow on my sleeping face

That you just so happen to catch

Sight of and make a vow to always

Stay with me

If You Could See Me Now

Artist Unknown

If you could see me now

I wonder if you would still love me

The woman way different from the girl you used to love

Shedding my cocoon and emerging as a butterfly

Gracefully fluttering my wings through life’s unforeseen obstacles

Fearless and outspoken

If you could see me now

I wonder if you would recognize me

No longer the girl you left battered and broken

Pleading for just one more chance to get it right

When in reality you were the only thing wrong

If only you could see me now

Walking in my truth

Reveling in my beauty

Living life unapologetically

And no longer in love with you

Soul Ties

Artist Unknown

My essence coats your lips

While sweat drips from our bodies

Surrounded by ribbons of love

We become one

As unbreakable bonds penetrate our spirits

Channeling your energy in synchronized harmony

You lift me higher

Higher to a place I’ve never been before

Floating on a cloud of euphoria

Basking in the beauty of it all

Vibrating with the desire to reach a new arrival

An arrival brought forth by you

My body in return

Bringing forth the same arrival you seek

Until we both peak in an exchange of spiritual currency

Ribbons of love become lifelong connections

Soul ties

When He Speaks

Artwork Obtained From Pinterest: Justin Copeland


That flow from his mouth effortlessly

Have a profound effect on me

Making me stop in my tracks and take notice

He has much to say

So much information that my mental is sent on a sensory overload

Overwhelmed by the knowledge he delivers

Awakening a part of me that has lay dormant

For quite some time

He stops and looks directly at me

Everyone in the room disappears

Just us two

Communicating with our eyes because the eyes don’t lie

They show you in your truest form

Me, open and vulnerable

Him, strong and secure

Immediately finding his Betty to his Malcolm

He’s ready to have me and protect me by any means necessary

Shook, I turn and leave

Needing to put space between whatever is happening

But not far out the door a strong hand stops me

Turning me

Capturing me in his eyes again

And when he speaks to me

The words flow effortlessly from his mouth

Have a profound effect on me

Stops me in my tracks and makes me take notice

Light As A Feather

Artist Unknown


On a gentle breeze


Through the air towards a new destination

A new path

A path much smoother

Than the one before that was filled with broken glass and harsh realities

Not for the faint of heart

Trials and tribulations added

Weight to daily stresses

Battered and bruised, you emerged a new

New being of light

Traveling the world to cast out the darkness

Plucked from the wings of ma’at

To bear witness at the scale

The scale which now possesses two important pieces of life

The feather and the heart

Sealing the fate of many who make it to this place

Many who have let the paved roads of broken glass and harsh realities

Determine their fate

Now here you are

The one who has floated in with

The feather of ma’at

The same feather now on the scale

Tell me,

Which one is lighter

My Winter Song

On the back of the deck

Thoughts of you flow through my brain

The temperature has dropped and

Darkness surrounds us earlier

The fireplace crackles with warmth inside

And mugs are filled with hot chocolate

But the outside gets all of my time

Out here is where we created our fondest memories

Our first snowball fight and footprints in the snow

Love and laughter through the air

As our bond continues to grow

I watch you now,

In the middle of the yard as the snowflakes fall

The most beautiful snow angel I’ve ever seen

No other moment could be as perfect

Than now

When I walk down the steps to join you

Taking your hand and getting on one knee

The tears filling your eyes as you look down at me

Placing the ring on your finger as I profess my love

On the first day of solstice

In the middle of our yard

Snow falling

Love in your eyes

With the words of my proposal becoming

My winter song,


Saints and Sinners

Artist Unknown

They say you’re a sinner and

I’m a saint

So that makes us a perfect pair

From what I heard

A saint is just a sinner who fell down

And got up

Well I got up in front of you,

Reaching out my hand

I help you stand

Next to me and we sin again

Together, On a seesaw of redemption

When I’m up, you’re down

When you’re down, I’m up

Both there as a reminder

We have each other

Saints and Sinners